Let's meet again soon

January 5, 2023

You may have already heard the news that Twitter has decided to shut down Revue, the platform I use to send this newsletter.

This isn't the only newsletter platform available, and I have considered moving to a new one. But, I'll be honest with you – as I have always tried to be – I'm ready to take a break from writing Design With.

It's an interesting thing, saying goodbye. After many moves, I've become accustomed to saying goodbye and I like to think of myself as being good at it.

But what does it mean to be good at saying goodbye? I don't think it's ever easy, and I've never enjoyed saying goodbye to a friend or a place.

I think, instead, it's when a goodbye is filled with hope. Feeling hopeful for the next time you'll return or meet again, or hopeful for what comes next in return. A goodbye can be an opportunity to sit with the connection you've made, to a place, a person, a moment or, maybe, to all 309 of you.

Writing this newsletter, through a global pandemic and while changing jobs and countries (twice), has been a constant across years of change.

In 2020, it provided an intentional, tangible and regular way of connecting with people all over the world. In 2021, it followed me through a new job, a new city, and new learnings about what it means to work in design. And in 2022, a year of traveling every couple of weeks, it was grounding.

By asking questions, you challenged me. By reading (however closely), you pushed me to find new opportunities and articulate meaningful connections. By writing your own issues of Design With, you inspired me.

I feel ready to take a break from writing this newsletter. Like most of you, I will welcome one less thing to do. But I will leave feeling thankful for what you've given me, by gathering on the other end of your screens.

As Alice Waters said:

This is the power of gathering: It inspires us, delightfully, to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: In a word, more alive.

Let's meet again soon.

Your data

According to Revue, from January 18, 2023, it will no longer be possible for me to access this Revue account and all data will be deleted.

I've archived all issues of Design With on my website. Apart from one issue, guest written by Sheetal Mistry, which she posted on Medium.


This was originally published on my newsletter, Design With. It was the last issue I sent out before the newsletter was archived in 2023.