Tyler Gindraux

I research and design services with people who use and deliver them.

User interviews yearbook

I was featured in User Interviews 2022 yearbook, a directory of essential voices in User Research.

A page from the yearbook, with Regine Gilbert (left) and Tyler Gindraux (right).

Research library

I led research and helped protoype a way for people to easily learn about users and their needs.

Webpage titled Find insights and user needs. Hearing aids has been typed into the search.

Doing user research with deaf people

I wrote about my experiences doing user research with deaf people and people with hearing loss.

An inclusive participant experience

I gave a talk at the Radical Research Summit in 2021 about planning research around the experiences of people taking part.

British Sign Language discovery

I led a discovery into the needs of deaf people who use sign language and recommended how to meet them.

Illustrations of ten recommendations, most show mockups of webpages but it's too small to see each.

Get support online

I tested a service that helps people find the right support by answering questions about their situation.

Consent to take part in research

I re-designed how to ask people whether they agree to take part in research, particularly if they are sign language users.

Hearing check

I tested a product that lets people check their hearing and learn what to do if they might have hearing loss.

Safer injecting advice

I tested content that helps people reduce harm if they inject drugs.

Webpage with advice about how to inject naloxone to save someone's life in the event of an overdose. There are blank sticky notes on the page.

Needle and syringe service finder

I tested a service that lets people search for a location where they can receive free, new equipment to stay safer.

Mobile phones showing a journey of searching for a needle and syringe service nearby.

Harm reduction discovery

I led a discovery into the needs of people who inject drugs and helped recommend how to improve access to information and equipment to reduce harm.

Self-checkout design

I led research and service design to help our client, various supermarket retailers, see self-checkout as an end-to-end service.

Co-Design Chalton Street Market

I gave a talk at the Tate Exchange in 2019 about co-designing a market street with residents and a local council.

Photograph in black and white of 5 people holding microphones and sitting in chairs to present. Tyler (author) is on the far right.