How people find working with me

I have worked with a bunch of lovely researchers, designers, product managers, strategists and more. Here’s what some of them say about working with me.

"When it comes to leadership, that's where Tyler shines the most"

Tyler's research skills are some of the most honed and effective I've come across in my 20+ years in tech. Whether it be conducting research, analyzing the data, or presenting to stakeholders of all technical skill levels, Tyler was incredibly professional, approachable, and results driven, all while remaining true to the overarching mission.

When it comes to leadership, I'd say that's where I noticed Tyler shining the most. She led a group of researchers and designers through user interviews, research initiatives, and anything else that was asked of her. She also routinely took the initiative to rally her team to support other internal projects and future ideas, going well above and beyond what had been asked of her.

- Jesse James, Staff Engineer

"A great force behind our team’s learnings, successes, and visions"

Tyler is an incredible leader with a strong moral compass. After working with her for a few months, it became undeniable that she was a great force behind our team’s learnings, successes, and visions.

She is extremely thoughtful, empathetic, and detail-oriented. No matter the situation, she asks thought provoking questions that lead to a clear rationale, logical next steps, and increased motivation.

- Sofia Kirkman, User Experience Designer

"Tyler went out her way to set me up for success"

I noticed Tyler's research integrity and amazing organization right away. As my team began working with Tyler's, I found a research partner who is easy to collaborate with and who offers a great perspective when giving feedback.

At one point we had back-to-back, related research studies. In the two week's between Tyler's last session and my first, Tyler went out her way to set me up for success.

- Clayton Zook, User Experience Researcher

“Unique set of leadership and hands-on research and design skills"

Tyler is an asset to any team she joins, bringing a unique set of leadership and hands-on user research and design skills.

She was able to identify and prioritize the best areas for her to be involved, whilst coaching and mentoring other colleagues to carry out research. She also played a pivotal role in communicating with senior and executive level stakeholders, helping to set the strategic direction for the charity's focus on user-centred design and delivery.

Tyler was a fantastic colleague but has also earned great respect across the industry for her commitment to working in the open. In my previous role in the NHS, we admired her work from afar, having learnt so much for our own practice from her blog posts.

- Sarah Norman, Delivery Manager

“Even in stressful situations, she gets it done with a smile"

Tyler is the perfect (and rare) mix of creative and analytical. She has a good eye for detail, but doesn’t get lost in it. She’s efficient and methodical, yet also flexible and can go with the flow.

Her work always exceeded expectations and she was able to scope work with the “less is more” mindset, which I really appreciated.

Most of all, Tyler is super calm and chill. Even in stressful situations and with tight deadlines looming, she managed to stay calm, level headed, and get the job done with a smile.

- Megan Anderson, Senior Design Researcher

“Makes you feel comfortable and confident when working together"

I learnt so much from Tyler about user research, service design and people more generally. She has a way of making people feel comfortable and confident when working together or in interviews.

I really appreciated Tyler’s constant work of putting our community first in everything we did. I was always amazed by the thoroughness of her work, I loved learning from her process.

One thing I’ll always remember is being supported to conduct interviews by Tyler. Not all people will put in the work to allow others to learn from them but Tyler took us along with all her work and allowed us to get stuck in.

- Fay Ryan, Content Design Lead

“Incredibly values driven"

Tyler is a best in class user researcher and an asset to any project team. At our charity, Tyler established a new user research department, leaving a legacy of valuable insights and processes that we still use today.

She consistently went above and beyond to deliver research and recommendations in compelling and accessible ways that supported our strategy.

Tyler is also incredibly values driven, always looking for ways to make research and collaboration as inclusive as possible.

- Frankie Garforth, Strategist

“Skilled at working with users during sessions"

I worked with Tyler on a variety of projects and found her to be an excellent, empathetic and thoughtful user researcher. She was incredibly skilled at working with users during sessions, delving into actions to uncover the core user needs.

Tyler presented her findings back to the team in detailed and coherent ways, providing honest and user-based reflections that we could take forward into the design and delivery of our products and services.

- Simon Nebesnuick, Product Manager

“Enabled the key messages to resonate with the right people"

Tyler spent time to really understand the audience at With You. She understood the complexity of the individuals accessing support and adapted her approach to make best use of the time. Due to this, the impact she had was massive. She organised and curated the project in an impeccable and professional way.

She worked with a small but mighty cross functional team and blended in immediately. Spending time to understand the stakeholders enabled her to give feedback that enabled the key messages to resonate with the right people. It was a pleasure working with Tyler.

- Steph Keenan, Product Owner

“Presents engaging and actionable insights"

Tyler is kind, thoughtful, empathetic and insightful, and always seeks to gain a deep understanding of the challenges, motivations and needs of the people she designs with.

She's incredibly skilled at facilitating interviews and workshops. She ensures that participants feel comfortable and safe to express themselves and she knows the right time to delve deeper into things that seem a little unclear or ambiguous.

Tyler is also adept at communicating her research effectively back to stakeholders. She presents insights and recommendations in an engaging and actionable way so that people are clear about the problems and opportunities at hand.

- Jess Newell, Service Designer

“She was always there to help and motivate me"

It's unusual to come across such a brilliant talent like Tyler! I was constantly amazed not only by her creativity and set of skills, but also by her unique ability to open up and sustain positive relationships with others, either within the team or with the clients.

Tyler is a fantastic teammate as she's an empathetic, supportive and energetic person. She was always there to help and motivate me and other team members. She has great leadership instincts which enable her to efficiently steer a team of more junior members throughout a project.

- Hossain Saeb, Designer